Ex-Mistress Becomes Average-Jane

Aaaand I’m going to declare chapter 10 finished! And long; it was 6,000 words before I dealt with Rome going into town. Chapter title? Mmm…not sure yet.

Okay, heads up: I’ve changed the character of the head lady of the evening (the one who became Bre’s ex-mistress in the first version of the story). I am actually reverting her back to who I originally intended her to be–which, I’m realizing, is quite different from who I made her before. She still has her seniority and that sarcastic wit, but she’s more of a seasoned prostitute who has seen much of the world and sees little that is truly new and truly interesting, and less of the “leader of the geisha” type. She’s not meant to be physically remarkable–more of a “normal” character who has lived a hard life and now has plenty of wisdom to go around, but holds a lowly position and doesn’t think all that highly of herself. So, very different, on down to her average appearance, but the content of her conversations might be along the same lines (if with a less lighthearted tone).

Anyway, with any luck I should be able to type up the chapter this weekend and post it! Although, I reserve the freedom to write instead of post if the plotbunnies come a-calling. 😉

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