Answers Among Humans

Just posted chapter 10! It’s called “Among Humans.” I know, it went up pretty fast! Not really sure how that happened though–especially since it’s a longer chapter than I’ve been posting since I began revising.

I’m actually really proud of how chapter 10 turned out. I think it’s much better than the original “Answers” chapter–much more to-the-point, with much more character development. But I admit I’m a little worried about how you guys will respond to Rome. He’s been saying he’s a “beast,” and Labriella has been talking about how he looks and acts different. Until this chapter, you could make excuses for his blunders. Once you get to the point where he’s talking about casing the village, however, you’re going to notice some seriously detached morality. I can’t make apologies for it; it is what it is. Hopefully it won’t put you off from reading the rest of the story.

But then again, nobody flamed me about “Ironclad Love,” so perhaps I’m making a mountain out of a molehill.

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