Chickenscratch Drafts

I always think what I’m writing is crap on a page. Does that surprise you, my dear reader? I have plenty of stories and alternate stories that seem brilliant in my head, but when I jot them down on paper, it just looks to me like so much poorly-worded chickenscratch. And yet the moment I type it up, it appears so much better, and I have no idea why because I often change very little from my initial drafting. (I’m one of those complete-in-one-shot types.)

It will please you to know that my silence online is not due to idleness offline. While I admit to being distracted by such fantastic works of fiction as Robin Hobb’s Assassin’s Apprentice and Karen Miller’s Innocent Mage, I like to believe such rare examples of fine writing aid in my own writing. I find it difficult to reread these novels now without pausing to note things like sentence variances and creative colloquialism. I absorb the nuances like a sponge, brainstorming new ways to experiment.

Despite my dalliances, I have been writing. My revisions have not yet cycled through the end of the old chapter 10, so I aim to finish that. But how to do it…? What I mean is, do I really want to rewrite the entire original? Or do I want to have a version where Labriella becomes a lady of the evening and a version where she does not? I’m leaning toward two versions because, while the lady of the evening rabbit trail was very unexpected, it was unconventional, and that may be just what I need to get published…but that’s not my original story, and I fear I may be straying too much from that. I continue to see people posting multiple versions of their stories on FictionPress (as in, original and revision), and since mine is actually branching off in a rather interesting direction, I figure I can probably pull that off. The ultimate victory, however, would be to successfully reorchestrate all scenes from the first posted version into the revised story, which would be more true to the original tone of when I first started writing the story. That is why the romance and sexual tension in the story are moving much, much slower.

So let us see how it goes, eh?


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