Due for Another Chapter

Okay, it’s been about a week, and I’m due for another chapter. Actually, truth be told, I’ve already finished chapter 11. It’s not typed up, but that’s a simple matter. What I’m more concerned about is making sure Rome is not OOC at the end. Hopefully the beginning of chapter 12 will shed some more light on the end of chapter 11.

This month is November, and all you story-writing people know what that means: NaNo-ing. I would love to rise to the challenge to write a novel inside of a month, but I’m focused in the project at hand. As far as I’m concerned what I’m rewriting is my novel, and I’m not ready to write a new one. Could I start a new story? Of course. But this is no time to get sidetracked, and my time is limited as it is. So in honor of a National Novel-writing Month, I’m going to continue rewriting my present novel. If I were to set a novel-oriented goal for this month, it would be to finish revisions by the end…but the way things are going in my life right now, I can’t make that a promise. Still, after the next couple chapters, I shouldn’t have to do much recreating, only reworking, so finishing revisions by the end of the month might be possible.

You should note, however, that volume 1 will not be relabeled “complete” once I finish revisions. I will continue the story from the end of the revisions.

I have seriously considered deleting my MediaMiner account, since it is such a hassle to upload chapters in the old format, and I don’t get all that much traffic there for my trouble (not half as much as on FictionPress). But the fact remains that MediaMiner allows rated-X stories, so maybe I’ll wait to see how graphic I get in the revisions and beyond.

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