Chapter 11: Two Endings

I wrote two different endings to chapter 11. The chapter is exactly the same, up until the last page or so–the difference being whether Bre stays with Rome or not. Because of the turquoise-eyed noble and Gian, I think I’m still going to go with Bre leaving, as it might be tricky to introduce these characters otherwise and stir up Rome’s emotions otherwise…but I’m leaving the chapter open-ended (in my mind, at least), because the story could really go either way.

Regardless, Bre will not become a lady of the evening, though if I end up deleting my MediaMiner account I will probably move that story here as an alternate. Bre will, however, end up in all kinds of situations that may make it seem like she is (which was always the plan)…but you as the reader will see the difference.

Meantime, chugging along…I’ll give you a sneak preview: Instead of the ladies of the evening helping Bre, that task will fall to Kitiora. Obviously she’ll have a thing or two to say about it, but turning away a friend in need? Never!

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