Holiday Writing Marathon

If you haven’t noticed, the new chapter 11 is posted on FictionPress as “She of Little Consequence.”

Good news: Chapter 12 is finished! …Well, sort of. I think I have it all handwritten out. (Don’t you just love holiday weekends?) LOTS of new/altered material, but some patchwork. The new chapter 12 revolves around the inn that Kitiora works in (which is actually the only inn in town, considering the size of the town/village and how far off the beaten track it is). Continuing on with the modified tone of Rome’s prostitute acquaintance, though their conversation this chapter will be largely the same content-wise. But here’s the confusing part about the chapter, for those of you who have been reading this story for a loooong time: I’m wrapping up many chapters into one, and completely skipping over the ladies of the evening.

What does that look like? It means the reappearance of Gian and the appearance of the turquoise-eyed noble are happening a little earlier, and it will probably feel like suddenly everything is happening at once…because it is. Also, I’ve altered Labriella’s conversation with Kit to be less recap, more speculatory about Pandora, and centered around Labriella securing a place to stay. Maybe you’ll think this is going too fast after the slower pace of the previous 11 chapters. But now we’re finally getting to the in-town part, which is right where everyone needs to be in order for things to start happening. The story is really going to take off from here. …Well, it might slow down for a second, during chapter 13, but heave-ho, the turquoise-eyed noble is the harbinger of nobility! I’m actually going to use him to segway into the invitations (which I really should have done before, but ended up delegating to separate volumes because of what I wanted to do with Gian).


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