The Abominably Long Chapter


That’s right: Chapter 12 is posted! It turned out to be ridiculously long–over 11,000 words! Handwritten as edits between single-spaced lines of pre-existing chapters and new material in various colors of ink on the backs of already-printed pages, this chapter was ridiculous to type up, and I keep finding typos. So if you find typos, I’m sorry, but I was SO DARN EXCITED that I had to post it right away, without sitting on it for more than cursory proofreading!

I love how you guys are jumping on my story when I post a new chapter. There are at least four people who are on it within minutes of my updating. Right on! Love you guys!

The new chapter is called “What Friends Are For,” FYI. The title is based on the fact that Kitiora is Labriella’s friend, and Rome used to be her friend. And what do most of us do when things go wrong? Run to our best friend. I wouldn’t call the actions within the chapter “friendly,” but…it’s based on the aforementioned premise.

Little shocker at the end there. And oh, are you going to hate me when you see that cliffhanger!

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