First Kiss

I’m sure you will be pleased to learn that I have, in fact, finished writing chapter 13 (though I am still typing it up). Since chapter 12 turned out rather different from the original (though in actuality I used large portions of old chapters), you probably haven’t been all that sure what will happen next. In the original version, the main characters’ first kiss was after Labriella had kissed Gian several times, and Rome-initiated. The scene at the end of chapter 12 was quite different, because neither Labriella nor Rome had ever kissed anyone before. Add to that that Rome is being obstinate, and Labriella is rather desperate to save herself, and that makes it rather…awkward. As in, not very romantic-feeling. That does not, however, change the fact that it is a significant development, and is witnessed by several people, including Gian and Kitiora.

The beginning of chapter 13 backtracks a bit in Rome’s POV, so that you can see the progression of why he came to the inn (since his presence is unexplained in chapter 12, as seen from Labriella’s POV). From there, it proceeds on to Labriella’s kiss, leaving him with a dilemma.

The end of chapter 12 was important because it was a precursor to the nobility (as well as the “first kiss” at the end, and tying Rome & Gian and Labriella & Gian together). Chapter 13 necessitates a few in-story explanations, because A) Labriella wants Rome to “claim” her, B) Rome had no idea that Labriella did not return to the temple when he sent her away (or why), and C) nobody knew that everybody knew the third person (in the Labriella-Gian-Rome triangle).

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