Haine House Filler

As I hope you already noticed, chapter 13 has been posted as “Replaced.” No, that is not a placeholder title telling you that I replaced the chapter. It is the literal name of the new chapter.

Meanwhile, I just finished up chapter 14. …Well, I say “finished up,” but what I mean is, I just finished handwriting it. Meaning I still need to type it up, and cut and paste some stuff from old chapters. But when I say “old chapters,” I am talking about volume 2! That’s right, folks, I’m finally starting in on the nobles. It’s time to start integrating Haine House. From there, I’ll be juxtaposing Rome’s mingling with the nobles (which he will keep a complete secret from Bre) with relational stuff going on at home (i.e. Rome’s nightmares, pastry, tea, etc.). It’ll still be a little while yet before I integrate sexually-charged scenes, because Rome and Labriella’s relationship isn’t quite there yet. But never fear, because that party that was still pending where I left off in the old volume 2 will change that, in a big way.

I haven’t decided what to do with the old volume 2 on FictionPress yet. I suppose I could use it to leave one-shot chapters posted that might cease to exist otherwise—at least, until I start a new volume 2 (which could be awhile yet). But I believe will be using most of my already-written material, continuing to patchwork it out of order, so that may be counterproductive.

Chapter 14 is a filler chapter—or at least, that is what I consider it. It is necessary to connect chapters 13 and 15. The old chapter “Leave it at That” should correlate with chapter 15, noble-wise. Nightmare-wise and kisses-wise remain to be seen.

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