Rewriting the Rewrite: Trashing Ch. 14

I know I said I was finishing up chapter 14, but that turned out to be a lie. After I typed up most of what I had, I realized that writing while I am tired is not always productive. I had lots of contemplative paragraphs, some of which were redundant, and others of which were contradictory. It made no sense. So I went back and cut a bunch of material. Today I also cut the conversational scene I had written for this chapter. So in some sense, I am back to square one. However, for the sake of the story, that is better, because it means less filler-talk, and instead a couple brief preparatory interludes leading up to the entrance of the nobility.

As far as prep, I am glancing over Rome hunting food for Labriella, and then before I bring Rome before the nobles he has to get all fixed up hair-wise and clothing-wise. I can use that as the reason he should care about his appearance. And then from there, there will be two worlds happening: the world of the nobles (which Rome is entering), and life at home (where a relationship is developing). Rome will make some serious relational blunders as he tries to learn what certain gestures mean, as will Labriella as she unintentionally infringes on Rome’s self-declared privacy. This relationship may not come together as you would romantically think.

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