Jumping Ahead: What You Should Know

Ahhh, I missed my week quota. )’: Work picked up at one job, and then I took on a new job. I haven’t had half as much time to write as I usually do. Aye-yai-yai, excuses, excuses. But hey, at least last chapter was longer, to hold you over.

I noticed a few of you new readers are hopping over to the old volume 2 for a sneak-peek ahead. Naughty-naughty! 😛 Still, I can’t blame you; I would probably jump ahead too… Just keep in mind that all of that will not stay the same. If you’ve been reading the old volume 2, you probably noticed that the volume 1 rewrite has already covered some of volume 2; the timeline is all messed up. I’m leaving the old volume 2 alone for now, but I will come back to it and fix it. I’m leaving it posted in the meantime, because I’m still going to use that title (and some of that leftover material) to forge ahead, and the new content will probably appeal to those who previously favorited it (so they will appreciate the FictionPress alerts). So, hopefully that helps you to know where I’m going. Remember that I will keep updating the tabs under the “Series Info” tab on this site, so that you can keep track of the old and new volumes and chapters. Keep an eye out for the yellow font on chapter titles; that means they’ve been completed and/or posted.

Okay, the next chapter: the chapter that I’m working on. Last chapter was a bunch of preparatory clothing and hair stuff for Rome. This chapter marks the beginning of his “initiation” into the noble class. Please note that Rome is still purposely keeping Labriella in the dark (so to speak) on this whole nobles/invitations thing; he doesn’t want her involved. But Labriella is not stupid; she’ll figure it out eventually…just not this chapter. In the meantime, Labriella does something to help Rome that Rome doesn’t appreciate…and Rome does something to compensate that throws a wrench in his emotions. And then Labriella does something to help Rome that he is not aware of…Secrets, secrets. :3 Anyway, busy chapter, but doesn’t seem all that long handwritten. Maybe that will change once I type it up and integrate all the parts. There will be new content this chapter, guaranteed, but also some old from both of the old volumes. I’ll try to get that typed up as soon as I can, but I probably won’t be able to make much headway on that until tomorrow.

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