Reviews: Call for Romance

Okay, wow! One day in, and I’ve already got three reviews calling for romance! Alrighty then, romantic interlude it is. 🙂

For those of you who have been with me since before the rewrite (and/or those of you who read the old volume 2), you know that my “romantic” writing tends to be graphic. Rather than more difficult, those scenes actually tend to be more fun for me to write, and the ideas tend to come more naturally to me. The reason why I have been going so slow up to this point is to make sure I don’t rush ahead like I did the first time through; I need to slow down and explain things. Just because something makes sense to me in light of the whole in my head, doesn’t mean you’re automatically tracking with my logic. I can’t just hop on the bullet train now and explain later; I have to explain now, no matter how much more interested I am in my destination.

With the first official mutual kiss in chapter 16, however, I am now free to unleash a flurry of desire–which I grasp at eagerly. Rather than continuing on with the nightmares quite yet, I’m thinking I might add back in “Kiss Me” and “Sins of a Not-So-Innocent Pastry” (which I wasn’t planning on doing). I probably need to do something to connect it though–line an in-between kiss scene. …Or maybe not; part of the shock of the Pastry chapter is how abruptly Rome snaps (spoilers). It hints that Rome’s self-control is not absolute; it has a breaking point, and there may be reason for concern.

As for Gian…I think I’m going to keep his wedding, and use the nightmares to get to that point. But I’m going to try to illustrate Labriella’s relationship with/to Gian a bit better. It’s difficult, both as a reader and as a writer, because it pains me to put Labriella with someone else without painting a negative picture of Rome’s rival. But that’s what is so important about it: not just having a bad option, but having a good alternative–arguably a better alternative.

Rome’s going to have a rough time with Kitiora though. After all, he did promise her he wouldn’t have sex with Labriella. But maybe I’ll deal with that next volume…er, next segment. The nobles will be a little more interesting–mostly as competition, or anything that means sabotage and gaining the upper hand. And Pandora…well, she has her own agendas. (It’s actually hard for me to hate her while keeping in mind her psychology. Not sure whether you’ll agree with me. But lots of people in the world actually think like her–more than you would probably guess.)

On a side note, I’m glad to see that I am pulling people in from multiple different genre preferences, as that means that my story is relatable for people of all different genres. But I am also glad to see that I am drawing on readers from the existing community of stories similar (in both track and destination) to where I want to go with my story and what I want it to become. Finally, I’m seeing readers from my target community: those readers who look for longer, darker stories with a fantasy or supernatural element and mateship themes. Those are the kinds of stories I often like to read as well–and lack of those stories is a large part of what drove me to write this one. Encouraging!

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