Chapter 17 Posted

Alrighty, chapter 17 is now posted under the title “Useful Hindrance“! This is a title I have used before, for chapter 6 of volume 2, but that chapter has been revamped into a collage of what it used to be. The chapter no longer revolves only around nobles, but has been extended to include the nightmare sequence from the old volume 1, as well as part of the pastry chapter. “Useful hindrance” does still refer to Rome’s conversation with the lavender-eyed noble, however.

The volume 1 info page has been changed under “Series Info” to reflect the direction I am heading from here. I will finish where I left off with the nightmare, then move on to the next noble event. After that, I will transition into where I left off with the nobility in volume 2: Rome’s latest noble invite, hand-delivered by Terrynce. This will drag Labriella into the noble mix, as she is needed to decode the invitation…as well as to fill another role, which none of you know about as yet. ;3 And from THERE, my dear readers, let the lustful romance begin!

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