Character Development: Where I Wanna Be

Ok, slight change of plans…kind of. I think I’m going to continue on with the nobles, because once I make a certain event happen–the event I am referring to in my head as the “Belle debut”–it will trigger something between Rome and Labriella. BUT in the meantime, I’m going to add in personal/relational stuff like I did last chapter, in order to get there. So…yeah. I’m at the chicken-and-egg part right now–as in, determining what comes first.

Quite honestly, I’m hoping someone will tell me whether they like the old version or the new version of this story better. A large portion of my motivation for a rewrite stemmed from my startled realization that my story did not have a distinguishable plotline (in the traditional sense). Another large portion had to do with the loss of Bre’s naïveté. But now that I’m so far along in the rewrite, I feel like Rome’s personality is flatlining (rather than the explosive personality he had in the first volume), and like maybe Labriella is becoming one of those sits-around-waiting-for-things-to-happen and does-what-the-reader-expects kind of heroines that so disgust me when I’m reading. Maybe that’s just because I’m in the early stages of the story (as a whole, not as a novel), and because I’m still slowly trying to build their emotional progression to bring Rome and Labriella together. I just feel so far right now from who/where/how I want them to be… *sigh* Thoughts?

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