Ages Ago

Ugggh, it feels like AGES since I last updated! I know that’s not the case, but still… Maybe it’s because the last chapter I posted had virtually no edits, and I haven’t written any new material since my rewrite of “Useful Hindrance.” My white board, however, is very full, as is my mind, so it should just be a matter of sitting down. I now have a plan, which (as strange as it sounds) frees me up to write without a plan. It’s like I needed an outline to freewrite.

I will tell you that I am heading off chapter 19 with the third noble party from volume 2, but after that I’ll be mixing things around again, until I start a whole new chapter with brand new material. This new chapter has been my goal for some time now. Finally, it is only a chapter away. READERS OF VOLUME 2, THERE WILL BE SIGNIFICANT NEW MATERIAL SOON.


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