Editing Kills Writing

Aaaaahhh, I’ve been editing for so long that I suck at writing again. Or at least, writing feels like pulling teeth again. It’s hard for me to get the energy back into my story. I keep wanting to make things happen—to be explosive again. But I don’t want to have to do this extensive of a rewrite ever again. And the truth is that since I haven’t gotten my energy back, I’m seriously doubting the potency of the rewrite. It’s probably just block from too much editing, and from refraining from writing emotional rollercoaster scenes, since no one’s complained of boredom yet. But I still feel like throwing a hissy-fit. :/

Truth is, I’m having a hard time orchestrating a relational scene to follow the end of “Wake Me When it’s Over.” I wanted to use part of “Kiss Me,” and/or “Sins of a Not-So-Innocent Pastry,” but I’m finding them surprisingly hard to graft together in light of what happened with the nightmares. Rome may have temporarily ignored his troubles in favor of a head massage, but he’s not the type of person who can just pretend nothing happened between them without actually being mindful of that very thing that he’s trying to ignore. I have a feeling I’m going to be rewriting parts of this chapter (if not the whole thing) several times. Already I’m moving things around, deleting and adding and changing things. Preserving progressional story flow is the difficult thing…even worse trying to create character development. Bleh. (Never thought I’d look at that phrase with distaste.)

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