Argumentative Kisses

That moment when you write something and you think it sucks…and then you come back to read/continue it a couple days later, to find it’s not half so bad as you thought—in fact, it might actually be viable.

I wrote a kiss scene into chapter 20 that I felt was largely just a kiss scene, with no plot bunnies whatsoever, and I had a heck of a time trying to describe what I wanted to. But after rereading now, I think maybe it does fit in with the argument that leads up to it. …But now the argument and kiss scene together have taken up half of the chapter. I guess that’s okay, since I’ve only really got Labriella’s segment of the original “Image” chapter (and a small foreshadowing tidbit) to add to this chapter before it’s done. It would be nice if I could get it done before I leave for New Years, but if I don’t, then it’ll have to wait to be finished until after I get back, before work starts up again. I’ll do my best, but I only have a day left.

This chapter will have new content for readers of the old volume 2, continuing the plotline, so you’ll want to join in the fray at chapter 20.

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