End of the Old

New years are typically chalked full to the brim of resolutions. This year, I have none. Sounds strange, doesn’t it? But it seems that every time a resolution is made, it is broken, simply by virtue of being a resolution. Therefore I shall live this year, I suppose, as I live most of my life: without a bucket list. If there are things I want to do, or accomplish, I want them to actually happen, not just sit still on a hypothetically cool list. I suppose this in itself sounds like a New Year resolution. But since it is already my current active outlook, it does not require any implementation of change, and so does not qualify.

While I do not wish to make a habit of new resolutions, I do think it important to reflect back from the end of things. Looking back over the last year, it is strange to think I resumed writing last April. Maybe that is because I have been revising of late, and the rewrite portion began in earnest only a few short months ago. As it happens, the end of this year coincides largely with the end of my rewrite. Background plot-wise, I have caught up to where I left off in the old volume 2, with Rome awaiting Labriella’s revelation of the hidden content within the latest invitation (i.e. the invite hand-delivered by Suh Terrynce). The revelation is already written, so after fixing Labriella’s wardrobe problems I will be free to write the noble party scene I have been aiming for for ages. New year, new material. Nice timing, though unplanned.

Please do not think plot progression in this case excludes relational progression. On the contrary, attendance of the party is completely necessary for everything in the story to move forward (characters and relationships included). I am greatly looking forward to this “Belle debut,” as I call to it in my head. In case you’re wondering, this is a Beauty and the Beast reference to the scene in the Disney movie where Belle and the beast each dress up separately and then come together on the dance floor. Despite the excessive preparation required to fix up the beast for this occasion, it is Belle in her now-trademark yellow gown who makes a splash entrance. Blend this with a Cinderella-esque scenario, and you might have a fragment of an idea what kind of background I’m playing off of. It will not, of course, look exactly like that; nothing is that simple. But the springboard reference may help you to see what it is I’m doing, and/or give you something relational to look forward to. Just keep in mind that Rome is no Romeo or Prince Charming. 😉

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