New Content, Old Title

Chapter 20 is now posted as “Hidden Message“—once again an old title for a new chapter. Only the dream sequence at the beginning is copied and pasted from a previous chapter. Everything else is new content. Readers of volume 2 should really join in here, because it’s continuing the plot from the old volume 2 (from before I began the rewrite of volume 1). In the old volume 2, I wrote up through Terrynce handing Rome the lavender-eyed noble’s invite, and Labriella claiming to be able to reveal the hidden content, but never got to the actual revelation of the message. In this new chapter, you will actually find out what it says.

PLEASE-Please-please tell me if Rome and Labriella’s argument does not transition smoothly into the kiss scene. I thought it might be missing something in between, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on what I needed to add. If you have any ideas or find any discrepancies, please let me know.

I did not end up adding in Labriella’s wardrobe change to this chapter. A) It was already long enough, and B) chapter 21 may make more of a splash without Labriella’s wardrobe change coming first. So, all new content, and no clothing shopping trips.

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