Two Chapters for the Price of One

Confession: I have already already written the next chapter. >_< Turns out only one of my jobs started back up again this week, so it has left me a boatload of time for writing. In that time I have written one full chapter (which has yet to be named) and started well into a second chapter (ch. 22). And guys, I’m really proud of these ones. 😀 Not only have they been fun to write, and flowed seamlessly out of my pen, but they’ve turned out largely how I hoped they would—except maybe more detailed (which is a good thing). Still gotta work out what to do next scene in the second chapter, and where to draw the chapter line between these two chapters (I have a few possibilities), but all around, it’s going pretty well. No matter where I leave off chapter 21 you’ll be flailing, so it’s just a matter of which flail to end with (lol).

For now, you can look forward to the “Belle debut,” and the first almost-lime of volume 1. ;D

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