Belle Debut

Alrighty, chapter 21 is now up! It’s called “House of the Purple Serpents.” (If you’re not sure why, refer back to Rome’s latest noble party invitation…or you could just read the chapter. 😉 ) At long last, we come to Labriella’s “Belle debut”! Not only is it her first time going to a noble event, but it’s her first time getting all dressed up too! Very Cinderella-esque, despite the overarching Beauty and the Beast theme. A whole lot happens in the course of this chapter, and it’s not entirely finished when the chapter does wrap up. But never fear: Half of the next chapter is already written! And romance is written in.

So, about that romance next chapter (in chapter 22)… I’m calling it an “almost-lime.” I know I’ve discussed this before, but just a brief recap: A lemon, at its most basic, is sex. A lime…well, that gets a little foggier. A lime typically has sexual content, but not actual sex. Where do you draw the line between “makeout” and “lime“? Umm…yeah, not so clear. I am choosing to draw the line at relief (so to speak). As in, if nobody reaches completion, I’m not calling it a lime… A lime will be foreplay that goes pretty far.

So next chapter will have an almost-lime. It’s about dang time. 😛

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