Plotting and a Jealous Rome

Alright, I’m done with chapter 22. I hadn’t posted it yet, because I’ve been wavering on the ending. The chapter is already quite long—over 30 pages handwritten—which means the chapter needs to end. But I was toying with two notions: the notion of ending in an actual lime (after the preliminary almost-lime), or the notion of ending in a transition.

I have decided, however, to just end the chapter where it is, because I’m plotting. And by “plotting,” I mean plotting my plot advancement. See, as Evangeline Curls pointed out, I haven’t been doing too much with Pandora. That is actually intentional, so far as volume 1 is concerned. And by the end of chapter 22, hopefully you’ll have an inkling how she’ll come into play.

So go read chapter 22: “Of Trust & Biased Choices“! (I was going to call it “Secret Garden,” but whatever.) You wanted a jealous Rome, Batool1234? You’ve got it. 😉

Next chapter WILL be a lime—not an almost-lime, but an ACTUAL lime. That means I’m twisting the end of the volume a bit (for those of you who read to the end of the original volume). Those of you who have been waiting for sex in the story will probably be both frustrated and thrilled; thus is the nature of the chapter.

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