Writing for Fun vs. Writing as Work

I’ve been super discouraged lately. Writing my story began to feel like work, and while I don’t hate working, it takes the fun out of writing. So I stopped for awhile. And then I got the itch to read. But my long-awaited book order still hasn’t come in yet, so I bounced around a few FictionPress profiles, and settled on Lady Femme Fatale‘s Breaking Giselle. My, what a different story, and so addicting! I admit I haven’t finished it. (It seems to be a bad habit of mine these days.) But that’s because it inspired me to write.

I began tinkering around with an introduction to the chapter “Not Quite Mine.” It turned into more of a chapter revision, but now I’m not so sure I shouldn’t just put this together with the beginning of the chapter I was working on before. I had begun writing a lime into chapter 23, because it seemed like the perfect place for one. But I’m concerned that a lime there might speed Rome and Labriella’s relationship out of control—which is fine for a smut story, but not so great for building sexual tension and exploration while building the plot. Because I do want my story to have an actual background plot, especially since it didn’t have one previously (which was unintentional, and a somewhat alarming discovery).

I would also like to edit some sentence structure in chapter 22. But I’m pretty sure writing is my first priority right now. Editing is better done in hindsight, after emotionally moving on from the chapter.

My dear readers, please know that I take into account your input when editing my story. Your reviews are greatly appreciated. Thank you especially to those of you who have been dropping compliments in the last few days. It has kept me from laying the story to rest during a period of my life when I am uncertain about many things.

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