Events Leading Up to The Gift

Alrighty, chapter 23 is now officially up as “What You Wanted.” The title comes from a theme of Rome trying to give two different people what he thinks they want…and Labriella trying to give Rome what she thinks he wants. There’s a whole lot of wanting going on, but only one man gets Labriella. Who will that be?

Yes, Gian is involved. If you want to know any more than that, you have to go read the chapter. 😉

For those of my dear readers who have already read the original (as posted on MediaMiner), this chapter full of new content is something of an elaboration on the flashbacks presented by Labriella in the volume 1 chapter “Not Quite Mine.” In that chapter, I alternated between Labriella’s perspective and Gian’s perspective. It was a startling leap, because not only was it the first and only time I switched over to a character’s viewpoint other than just Rome and Labriella, but I also booted Rome’s P.O.V. out of the equation entirely. In fact, Rome’s only appearance in that chapter was to force-feed Labriella. I probably wigged out a few people with my abruptness and lack of explanation. In the new chapter I just posted, however, you will get some emotional background, and follow Rome’s perspective of events leading up to “the gift” (as I’ve taken to calling it).

I also snuck in a few romantic parts from volume 2, although they may be tough to pick out.

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