The Impact of Chapter 23

Wow, looks like I really freaked you guys out with that last chapter! (O.o) I was trying not to cry when I wrote the ending, but I guess I underestimated how much of an emotional cliffhanger that would be for you. I just kind of ended it there because I had to. I mean, I could have ended with the WAFF on the window seat, but then I would have had to stick the goodbyes at the beginning of the next chapter…which seemed lame compared to making the parting an emotional focal point.

I know I stuck a lot of talking in the middle of the wannabe-lime. Sorry about that. The first few limey scenes are going to have to be at least somewhat awkward that way, because with two virgins and some serious mental inhibitions, starting off is not going to be smooth sailing. There will be plenty of time for seamless intimacy later; I promise. 

As I mentioned in my note at the end of the chapter, volume 1 is drawing to a close. Much of what I have left involves reworking old content into an emotional progression. Believe it or not, it’s hard for me to write about Gian with Labriella even though I see their relationship clearly in my mind. I’m going to try to draw out of the “Not Quite Mine” chapter the development of Labriella’s resigned trust toward Gian, but also the forest meeting between Labriella and Rome. I’m going to turn up the heat a little bit. That may drag it out over more than one chapter (although I’d rather not).

There is a new idea that I am toying with. It would mean throwing off the original ending and making this volume exponentially longer. This idea involves the temple (and other interruptions). I suppose that if some of my favorite authors can go up to the 700k-word mark, I can go up above 200k, though I was really hoping to keep this volume at novel-length. At this rate, I’m starting to believe I should post the story as all one volume, rather than as a trilogy. It’s just that I think the middle and end would draw a different audience than the beginning, so it might appeal to a wider audience if I kept the volumes separate.

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