Stressing but Writing

No, I haven’t forgotten to update. I’ve just been stressed. I’ve had another writing project hanging over my head. Now that I’ve drawn up the draft of that, I might have some more time to write…maybe.

That doesn’t mean that I haven’t written anything of chapter 24. In fact, I’ve written 20 pages of it. I’m just being extra careful how I rewrite this chapter. I haven’t yet decided how far I’m going to take Labriella’s stay with Gian. On my first write-through, I just glanced over Gian’s role, making him an integral part by merely switching to his viewpoint. It’s a little painful for me to write of a budding romance between Gian and Labriella, so I tend to avoid it. But I cannot afford to avoid it. Neither do I want to make it the emphasis. So I’m falling back on the same style with which I began the volume: memory recollection.

You see, when you’re telling a story about your life to someone, you naturally hone in on certain details and gloss over others, many times embellishing along the way. In this story I have covered a lot of details. But the details have always revolved around Rome and Labriella’s relationship, and I do not want to get away from that now. I am not going to take 20 chapters to develop Labriella and Gian’s relationship. I am going to skim over it, so you get the general idea of its development, and then dive into the crux of it.

Rome, I must warn you, is reverting back to a primal state (meaning carnivorous king of the forest). I warn you of this, because you are going to get a few snapshots of him in the forest—his natural habitat. Other things are brewing in the forest as well. But for now, the focus will remain on him. Which means that if I keep the chapters that originally came after this one, I might have to tweak them a little bit.

I know you were all sad after the end of last chapter, and I’m sorry it’s taking me over a week to get this one out. But I really want to make sure I take my time on it, because it’s really important.

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