Shared Dreaming

Sooo what’s taking me so long is a dream sequence. I have long wished to connect Rome and Labriella’s dreams. Their separation after chapter 23 is the perfect opportunity. But it grew slightly more complicated than I anticipated—or should I say, the dream took on a life of its own. It gave me pause, and I looked at it, thinking, “Gosh, this could be an entire novel unto itself. Do I really want to do this?” But then I decided, “Ah, what the heck; I’ll just run with it.” It’s a bit more detailed than I wanted, but it adds flavor and believability—less rush-to-intimacy, and more exploration. It gives you a different look at Rome—reminiscent of his awkwardly adorable, not-so-rough-around-the-edges teenage self. For most of the time, you will probably be confused as to what is his dream, and what is hers, because Labriella isn’t all that sure which is which. But there is a right answer. Oh the drama of shared dreaming. 😉

I’m afraid if I say anything more, I’ll spoil it for you. So I’ll stop speaking, and let the chapter speak for itself. Not done writing it yet, because I haven’t decided whether it’ll just be a longer chapter, or whether it needs to be broken up into two chapters. Should know soon.

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