“Not Quite Mine”

Alright, I posted chapter 24 at like 4am on Saturday, so if you didn’t see it, that’s why. The chapter is called “In Your Dreams.” It’s an exposition of the original chapter 19 called “Not Quite Mine,” and chapter 25 will pick up largely where chapter 24 leaves off. For this reason, I’m calling chapter 24 “Part 1” of “Not Quite Mine,” but now that I’ve started writing chapter 25, I might just attribute that title to “Part 2.”

I intended to continue the dream saga through chapter 25, but I need to get Rome and Labriella in prime form for chapter 26, and I’m not sure that purpose is best served by a sequence of wet dreams. I might throw in a couple, or I might not. So far I’m focusing more on developing Gian, and sculpting Labriella’s view of him. Might be counterproductive to throw in dreams shared with Rome, with the way the chapter is currently going. But the dreams are not a one-time wonder; I have plans for those. šŸ˜‰

Speaking of chapter 26, I will be reworking part of it. Because of the night Rome and Labriella spent together in chapter 23, and because I wrote that dream into chapter 24, I’m going to have to rewrite some of the dialogue in the old chapter “Wedding Gift” (for those of you who have already read it the old version), but the gist of the chapter should remain the same. I’ll be changing the dialogue at the end of the epilogue as well, and possibly a little more than that.

Thoughts on the lime in chapter 24? Too much talking? Too long? Too brief? Too OOC for Rome? Things you want to see more of? Please let me know!

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