Chapter 26 To-Be-Typed

I wanted to inform you that upon this ungodly hour I have finished writing chapter 26. I still have to type it up. But as this chapter is very late due to recent life events, I thought I should let you know that actual progress was made yesterday–to the point of completion.

Chapter 26 is the third and final “part” of the “Not Quite Mine” chapter rewrite, once again featuring all-new content. The chapter heads off with Rome’s perspective on the events leading up to the end of last chapter (which Labriella and Gian not-so-conveniently walked in on). Then, the morning after, Labriella goes head-to-head with Gian over their clashing interpretations of the same night. Neither quite sure what to think…but another dream, and a revelation of Gian’s intentions, drive Labriella to draw her own conclusion about where things are headed.

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