Wedding Chapter Posted

Alright my dear readers, I have posted chapter 27! I did something a little different with this wedding chapter. Previously, I wrote a chapter where Gian walked in on a rather desperately sensual goodbye scene between Rome and Labriella. But for whatever reason, I wasn’t really feeling that in this write-through. I mean, I probably could have left the argument leading into it alone, and tweaked a few things about it being the first time he touched her like that. But maybe because of all of the details I’ve been adding in between Labriella and Gian, or because of the wolf scene, or the shared dreams (or all of the above), I felt I needed to do a better job of wrapping up the story in this chapter. So that’s what I set out to do. And as a result, the chapter is much less fiery and passionate, and revolves more around the conflicting attachments within Labriella (and some within Rome as well).

Also unlike the last time I wrote this chapter, you cannot just leave off at the end of the chapter; you must continue on. I mean, you could stop reading, but it’s not exactly a terminal stopping point—more like a brief pause. Technically I could have added chapter 28 into the end of 27, but I decided it’d be better to have a shorter chapter 27 and leave chapter 28’s resolution all on its own.

I am going to redo a lot of dialogue in chapter 28, probably. And I needed to revise the intimate parts. So it will probably read completely differently.

But in the meantime, go read “Don’t Forget“!

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