Alrighty, my dears, my reworking of Volume 1 of the BeastKing Chronicles is finally complete! Go read the final chapter, entitled “Found Out,” and don’t forget to read the epilogue called “A Game of Truths“! The wedding didn’t quite go as planned, and now something happens to Labriella! Has the temple finally caught up with her? What happens if Rome can’t save her this time? And if he can save her, what is to prevent this joining together from falling apart like all the rest?

Make sure to read the note at the bottom of the epilogue! The first chapter of the old volume 2 is still posted on FictionPress, because it is acting as a placeholder so that those who have already followed and/or favorited that volume will be automatically notified when I start to upload new chapters. I will not be able to upload any new chapters to Volume 2 for at LEAST a couple weeks, because I will be gone. I may be able to jump back into writing after that, or I may not; I’m not sure yet. But rest assured, I will announce when I do begin posting.


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