First Chapter Posted!

I just posted the first chapter of the second volume of the BeastKing Chronicles! The chapter is called “Farther Than I Thought.” If you are a FictionPress member, and received a notification of a new chapter, the message probably said that this is chapter 2. It is, in fact, chapter 1, since I deleted the previous chapter 1. I know I could have just replaced the chapter, but I wanted to make sure everyone who was not checking this site would be made aware that a new chapter was posted.

The new chapter 1 starts off with a little of Rome’s perspective of what happened in the epilogue of volume 1. You find out that about a month has passed in the characters’ world since the epilogue took place. After that, the chapter delves pretty quickly into their relationship—where they stand now, how they view each other, and what each of them might hope their relationship will become. Labriella has a rather explicit (and slightly violent) fantasy, and afterwards decides to take something into her own hands, so there is sexual stuff right off the bat: You have been warned.

Please note that volume 2 is now listed on FictionPress under “The BeastKing Chronicles Vol 2.” I dropped the title “Ignoble” for the time being, as I am not sure the title will still fit with the new content.

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