Volume 2 Pending

I am back from my trip!

For those of you who have been checking to see if I have begun writing volume 2 yet, the answer is “yes.” In terms of plot, chapter 1 picks up largely where the volume 1 epilogue ended. But in terms of timeline, at least a month has passed for the characters between the epilogue and volume 2’s chapter 1.

As you may or may not remember (depending upon how long ago you began reading volume 1), I headed off volume 1 in Labriella’s perspective. She pondered the world as a whole, and where she and her beloved fit into it, and then reflected back to how it all began. Labriella also closed out volume 1, as the entire epilogue is written in her perspective. She ends with an allusion to events stirring during Freezing Season.

Volume 2, for a change of pace, opens with Rome’s perspective. He, too, is reflecting back. But the focal point of his reflection is the question of “How did I get here?” That will be a psychological theme for him in this book, as people begin to press him to his limits from all sides. But he is not so concerned with what he does to people. He is concerned with what he does with Labriella.

Volume 2 is going to be graphic. It is my intention to write bondage, lemons, limes, and hurt-comfort scenarios into the story as the characters are pressured and their emotions become charged. I have my groundwork laid, so I’m going to run with it. If you don’t want to read about sex and desire, and you can’t stomach violence and gore, then you’re probably not going to want to read volume 2, because these things are what are going to drive the plot forward.

I am choosing to refrain from naming volume 2 for the time being. I have been wavering between two names—one I have already used, and one that has been on my mind. But considering how many times I changed the name of volume 1 before, I’m just going to wait and see how volume 2 pans out, and then pick the name that fits best after the emotional focus becomes apparent.

Chapter 1 is not posted yet. I think I have written the majority of it, but I have to decide now the best place to end it. I will notify you here and on my profile when it is posted, as I am not sure whether you will receive a FictionPress notification.

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