Restarted Chapter 2

I am probably less than halfway through writing chapter 2. It feels like I should be done writing the chapter. But maybe that is because I started the chapter twice, and did a whole bunch of other miscellaneous writing in between. My hand has settled into a sort of permanent semi-numbness, I think. My poor abused hand, which I am often unsympathetic toward. I am sure it deserves more credit than I will ever give it. Hopefully it will not rebel against me one day and decide not to work. Then I would have to put my ambidextrous theories to the test, and writing chapters would be unbearably slow.

Anyway, I got about five pages into handwriting the chapter, and then finally concluded my suspicion that I was moving the relationship along too fast, considering the pace I had already set. I need to pick up speed gradually. So I kept the first paragraph, ditched the rest (possibly for a later time), and wrote another 9 pages, into which I incorporated another character that you will remember distinctly from volume 1. A bit of a recap was required for the reintegration of this character, to get her up-to-date on the goings-on between Rome and Labriella, but that was probably necessary anyway for an introduction to a new volume. The character points out to Rome that even though his relational choices might all be potentially disastrous, he still does have choices. And Rome gets his first wake-up call as to the significance of what he did to Labriella in their shared dream last volume.

Still deciding how romantic/explicit I want to get in this chapter. I gotta write in some practical stuff soon too, so we’ll see.

Just so you know, I have created a new volume info page for this new volume 2, which you can find under the “Series Info” dropdown tab (or the side panel) if you want an idea of what to expect from this volume as a whole.


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