Winter is Around the Corner

Thank you for being patient! Chapter 2 of volume 2 is now finally posted. 🙂 It’s called “Her Survival.”

The chapter starts out in Rome’s perspective as he goes to reconnect with an acquaintance from last chapter: the woman from the tavern whom he met when he was first trying to figure out whether it was safe for him to send Labriella back to the village after she was almost raped. She is a prostitute, and as such she has a perspective on men, pleasure, and relationships that may differ greatly from the rest of the story populace. Since Rome is such an anomaly (a gorgeous, naïve, dominant nobleman who is fighting his instincts on behalf of a servant girl), she has taken an interest in him, but she has made no attempt to seduce him as a customer. In fact, she turned down his escort offer last volume.

Anyway, Rome mentions what happened with the ball, the wedding, and the dream. Go read to find out how the as-yet-unnamed prostitute responds. It gives Rome something to think about.

Meanwhile, the weather is starting to get colder, and already Labriella is having trouble keeping warm. Rome initially laid down an “every man for himself” policy. Will he be willing to interfere to supplement Labriella’s survival? And if Rome interferes, will Labriella be willing to accept his help?

I’m sorry it took me so long to get this chapter out. I got sick, among other things. Plus, I rewrote this chapter several times over. First I rewrote the beginning, then I rewrote the middle, and then I rewrote the end. I actually have several different versions of the chapter as a result. The first time through landed Rome and Labriella in a potentially-compromising position, but I decided I rushed in Freezing Season too quickly. The second time I created a dream sequence, which drew Rome to Labriella’s room to possibly initiate some citrus, but I decided that I needed a better setting-foundation for this volume before I sped up the relationship. So finally I settled for the question of provision and Rome creeping around in the background.

Don’t worry; the citrus and fluff will come.

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