Chapter 3 Posted

Guess what’s posted?! Chapter 3! It’s called “Not Ideal Man,” in reference to Kitiora’s nickname for Rome (which she came up with last volume). I was going to call it something else, but…well, I’ll leave that title for next chapter. 😉

In this chapter, Labriella reluctantly accepts the fact that the clothes Rome had Kitiora pick up with her are indeed necessary for her survival.

But Labriella has bigger fish to fry (so to speak). Her feelings for Rome are all over the map, and for a temple servant who is used to having her emotions completely under control, that is a disaster. She finally decides she can’t handle it anymore, and seeks out Kitiora for help. Whether or not what Kitiora says actually helps, you can decide for yourself. But on this little excursion, Labriella runs into another person—one she does not expect, and would not have sought out. When Rome walks in on that interaction, to say he becomes unstable would be a bit of an understatement…

The chapter is left on a cliffhanger, so, fair warning. You can let your imagination run wild until next chapter. Feel free to review your thoughts—I would LOVE to know what you’re thinking. 😉

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