Naughty, Naughty

Ohhh I just wrote something really naughty. I wonder if your opinion of Rome will change based on this…? It’s a risk I’ll have to take. This is a scene I’ve had in mind to write for awhile—since long before I finished the first volume the first time. It’s one of those things you’re never quite sure when’s the right time for. But since I didn’t keep the after-wedding scene that Gian walked in on at the end of the original first volume, the change of scene opened up a few doors for me.

Here’s a bit of a preview:
Rome and Labriella have come to a certain long-awaited arrangement, regardless of the dodgy actions and circumstances leading up to it. The one thing that is for certain is that both of them definitely want it, and whether it not it is wise, it seems like the only thing to do. The trouble is, it has been so long since Rome and Labriella were close, that neither of them is sure how to go about it now that so much has changed. They do manage to have a decent conversation, and to enjoy one another’s presence for a bit. But Rome’s reluctance to divulge his thoughts pushes some of Labriella’s long-term frustrations to the surface. In the wake of their argument, Rome begins to realize that if he doesn’t do something to bridge the gap between himself and Labriella, he may lose her closeness forever.

Far from apologizing for acting like himself, yet increasingly desperate for what he sees himself losing, Rome does something sneaky and immoral to link an angry Labriella to him without her knowledge. But will this backfire? If she discovers what he is doing to her, surely she will hate him forever?

Still writing. ^_^

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