Finally, Chapter 6!

I just posted chapter 6! It’s entitled “Just a Touch of Affection.” It’s a shorter chapter than I anticipated, but it’s probably better to keep noble events together.

Please MAKE SURE that you go back to chapter 5 and read my revision BEFORE you read this chapter! Otherwise, where I start chapter 6 probably will not make any sense to you! The end of chapter 5 is the lead-in.

There is nothing extraordinarily exciting in chapter 6, in my humble opinion. But that does not make it insignificant. There’s more talking between Rome and Labriella, and more time spent together, and as a result Rome opens up a bit more in conversation. Also, you see that Rome is starting to think through the plausibility of a more physical relationship with Labriella—which is a major development because it means attempting an actual relationship, just as much as because Rome is beginning to think of physicality as an actual option.

But there is also the reintroduction of the dark cloud that looms over the characters’ heads. There may be some traces of romance, but it does not change the characters’ current plight. And at least one of them needs to be reminded of that.

Note that Labriella has been a servant, but she is starting to take the initiative and/or speak up in certain situations. Some of this has to do with Rome’s special effect on her. But some of it can also be attributed to her time in Gian’s influence; while she was not allowed to leave the area surrounding his cottage, Gian did not treat her as a captive. She was allowed to do things on her own. Just some food for thought. 😉

You’ve got nobles to look forward to next chapter. O what fun!

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