Sugarcoated Knifeblade

Wow, I haven’t been on MediaMiner in a long time…

Frenchdiamond_1 just posted a review on the old version of volume 2, which made me curious about my writing from what now seems like “way back when.” I reread some of the volume (namely the first and last chapters), and then read my last two chapters of the new volume 1, and man, how my writing has changed! It’s hard to believe that was only a year ago! Maybe it just has to do with being the first draft. But even the tone of the characters is different. Do you guys like that change? Or do you wish you had the old Rome, and maybe even the old Labriella? I knew I was changing the characters (softening them, maybe), but I didn’t realize I was changing them that much. Cumulatively, Rome has developed into almost an entirely different persona. I intend to bring out more of his viciousness, and in some ways perhaps I already have, since I wrote in the slaughters of the wolves and of Labriella’s kidnappers. But compared to the old version of the volumes, it’s almost like I’m sugarcoating the serrated knifeblade that is Rome’s personality to make it palatable. I don’t know whether that’s perfect or distressing… Is it believable to you?

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