Rabbit Trails vs. Original

It’s funny how many rabbit trails I’ve indulged.

You know, when I originally set out to write this story, I had a very different expectation of where and how it would go. I was experimenting with a more abrupt style of writing, with short sentences that would pack a punch, in order to file down on my detailing habits. But more than that was different. As a beast, Rome was childish and violent; without Bre by his side, he had been unable to mature. As a temple servant, Labriella was innocent, naïve, and practical, and that was to carry over into her service to Rome. Labriella was never meant to be thrown out that many times, never meant to be a lady of the evening, never meant to throw attitude back in Rome’s face, never meant to be randomly kissed. Rome was never meant to give off the impression that he had it all together, or so easily fit into the noble slot for him. He was meant to have to rely heavily upon Labriella’s knowledge, which would inadvertently draw them closer together (without needing sexual tension to do so).

I have already changed the course of my story once, from a lady-of-the-evening relationship with Gian and Rome and a borderline-cheating wedding disruption, in order to preserve Labriella’s sexual innocence. But I lost some of her practicality and naivete along the way, I think. And Rome knows much too much about what is the “right” thing to do, so early on. So again I find myself in the position of contemplating another large-scale revision, as far as tone of the entire series. That is in addition to moving much of the noble stuff closer to the beginning of volume 1. I guess most of what is taking up that space before the nobles is info about Rome’s estate, and the tug-of-war cycle about whether Labriella should stay or go—two things which, I anticipate, many people wouldn’t mind seeing dispensed.

However, with my tendency toward hiatus, I realize that at some level I just need to keep writing. The more things I change, the more difficult it will be to keep track of what I changed and what I kept the same. It will be easier to implement character-consistent changes when I have finished this leg of the story.

I am 3,300 words into writing chapter 7, which is complicated because it involves nobility. As I go, I am jotting down new ideas and revision ideas, and I am reading and highlighting my way through an extremely helpful book called Writing New Adult Fiction by Deborah Halverson. So I want to warn you, although I am writing, updating might be slow going for a while.

To those of you who are new readers, I’m glad to have you, and welcome along for the ride. 🙂 Making my writing and my story construction better is now a priority, and most of what I post online won’t be the final draft (everything is subject to revision). I invite you to review, and to become a part of the process.

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