Lime Issues: Relational Development

I wrote 10 pages…and then rewrote the last half, because it went a little too far for a second lime. It was perhaps a bit too humiliating for Labriella, even though she practically asked for it by directly disobeying Rome again.

But now I’m about ready to take out both limes—the one I wrote in chapter 8, and the one you haven’t seen yet that I’ve written into chapter 9. You see, I have this pet peeve about limes and lemons in plotline stories that don’t actually further the plot or the main characters’ relationship. And right now, I’m feeling a lot like that is exactly what I have done. I’m trying to heat things up, but maybe it’s just not time yet, or this is not the way. I still have that cut scene about Rome touching Labriella while she’s sleeping, which I wanted to add back in before he touched her while she was awake. I could easily work that into the next noble party, considering its theme. But I want to be careful to integrate the plot as well; I fear I am veering too far off-course.

So now I’m deciding whether to go back and change chapters 8-9 now, or to wait until I finish the story circuit and then make revisions. I might frustrate you if I go back and change it now. The trouble is, moving forward without making the changes could be problematic. I guess that answers my question, but I still don’t like doing it…

2 responses to “Lime Issues: Relational Development

    • Thanks 🙂 I was worried that revising would halt my momentum. But when I skimmed back over some previous chapters, I noticed at least one relational conflict I have not addressed yet. So I guess that makes revising mandatory.

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