Editing for Invisible Narrative

I did some more editing on my revision to chapter 8; there are always things left to nitpick, especially where flow in style of writing is concerned. All the novel-writing books and tips I’ve been reading say I should aim to make my narrative as invisible as possible. That’s a bit difficult for me, as there are many places I want to purposely draw attention to my narrative. Thus is the nature of writing in a recollective tense. But I see their point. There are places where a certain kind of wording will involuntarily jerk you out of reading a story, if the writer is not careful. The places to draw attention to narrative are more likely the openings and closing of scenes, so everything else should flow unnoticeable smooth. That should emphasize when I do want to draw attention.

Today, I start in on revamping chapter 9, to make sure it flows in from the new ending to chapter 8.

I would like to offer a special “thank you” to XAbsoluteZeroX for their lengthy review of my story after my latest chapter revision. They pointed out that my summary is rather weak, because it does not accurately represent the depth and distinction of my book. But they did not just leave me with that criticism; they pointed out where the weak points are, and gave suggestions on what was wrong and how to change it. Thank you so much, XAbsoluteZeroX! I’ve known for awhile that my summaries were falling short of how I wanted them to be, but nothing I read online about how to fix them seemed to help. I’m so glad I know what to work on now! The volume 2 summary will probably have to wait until I am finished, since anything could happen in the story between now and then. But I can work on the first volume’s summary right away.

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