Revision Points & WAFF on the Way

The more I write, the more revisions I see. I keep seeing where I could take things out, or thinking of scenes I could meld together to make my books feel more action-packed. I’m keeping a list of such notes, so that when I finish writing the current volume or the mainstay of the series, I’ll already know exactly what to go back and change. But it makes it hard to write new scenes when I’m questioning how many of the old scenes I can play off of; I don’t want to build character relationships off of a scene that I know will later cease to exist. But I can’t build off of the new orchestration in my head, either, because my readers won’t know the order; they won’t have a reference for what I changed. So I feel like I’m writing two stories at the same time.

A huge part of me wants to go back and revise the things on my list now. But I’ve already kept you guys waiting for an update for almost a month. And besides, I don’t want to lose touch with my story again; we all know it’s harder to get back into the writing game, than it is to continue it. Revisions are easy, because the core materials are already there to rearrange and add to or subtract. It’s creating the story from scratch that takes the most time—a careful, slow plodding along that involves writing scenes and then scrapping them because they don’t fit.

I’ve rewritten a good portion of chapter 9. As you may recall, I rewrote chapter 8 and scrapped what I had written of chapter 9, because I felt the limes were not indispensable enough. I have since determined that that is due to the brashness of the approach. I felt a lime after the kissing contest was well-placed, but would have to pack a hefty punch. I have since realized that, since this would be the first REAL lime between Rome and Labriella (assuming the one in the dream state doesn’t count), the problem is that the lime actually needs to be softer—no less extensive, but much more kindhearted, and emotionally rooted in things that have been going on long before the contest ever came into play. So yes, my dear readers, that means I am writing WAFF. (If you don’t know what that means, check out my Basic Online Fiction Vocab page.) and because it is WAFF involving an emotionally unstable character, I am being very careful. Which should explain why it is taking me so long to write.

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