New Adult Resources Wanted

There are sooooo many people posting writing tips on the internet. So how is it that I cannot find the advice that I actually need?

How to get an idea for a story is not my problem; I have plenty of ideas that pop into my head all the time.

Struggling to reach a 50,000-word count is not my problem. The first book in my current series is at 200,000 words! PLEASE don’t encourage me to multiply my words or tell me how to lengthen my story! I want to know what to condense, what to cut, and what to move to the next book.

“There are plenty of online resources.”

WHERE IS THE NEW ADULT COMMUNITY?!?!?! Seriously, Young Adult is everywhere. But when it comes to New Adult, all a Google search does is turn up lists of NA books, or YA writing resources. Can somebody please point me to where I can research the NA Romance and Fantasy genres specifically? Or where I can find an NA forum community? Or an NA critique partner? Everyone is promoting publishing for NA. Great! But I’m not there yet! I want stuff to help me get there! I want people to point out what I don’t already see. So where are those people?! The writing community is so big, I don’t understand why this is a problem! There is only one book I have been able to find about writing New Adult fiction, by Deborah Halverson, and I own it, and it’s uber helpful. Am I to believe that this is the only book marketed on the subject?

Alright, I’m done ranting. But this isn’t just a rant; it’s a cry for help. I’m mostly past the my-story-is-my-baby-please-don’t-slaughter-it sentiment; now whenever someone offers constructive criticism on my story I’m ecstatic, because it’s so rare. So if you know of a writing community, or a conference, or a workshop, or something that can help me with writing New Adult Paranormal Romance set in a fantasy world, I would LOVE for you to comment. Blog recommendations, book recommendations, forums…anything.

5 responses to “New Adult Resources Wanted

  1. Are you on LinkedIn? There seems to be a group for almost every genre on there. People are mostly helpful with comments and advice, but (of course) you do get the occasional jerk know-it-all. Good luck with your work!

    • Young Adult books feature teenage protagonists who are still under someone else’s authority–their school or their parents, for example. New Adult books, by contrast, follow protagonists who are in the 18-25 age bracket, meaning they’re exploring their newfound freedom and learning who they are as adults. In short, New Adult bridges the gap between the Teen section and the Adult aisles in the bookstore. (That’s the really simple version.) Because of this difference in age and focus, New Adult fiction can cover a range of more mature content, which is deemed unacceptable for Young Adult, while still playing off the emotional dynamics portrayed in Young Adult.

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