Chapter 9 Emerges!

Alright guys, the time for posting is finally here!

I know, you probably want to smack me by now, because I’ve taken so long. But that’s not because I wasn’t working on my story! I’ve actually been rewriting and reworking chapter 9 for the entire last month! No matter what I did, or how many adjustments I made, it just didn’t seem right to me. Finally I forced myself to take a break from writing and revising for a week, to just let ideas culminate in my head. It got me out of routine, which annoyed me. But perhaps it was worth it, because when I returned to the chapter today, I was able to make some final adjustments, and was actually satisfied enough to post it! It’s called “Against Better Judgment” on FictionPress (a title I’ve been wanting to use for a long time). But make sure you read my revisions to chapter 8 first!

Wondering what chapter 9 is about? Labriella makes the mistake of running from Rome (a predator), and Rome responds by doing something that he can’t take back. Then the two have to figure out where that leaves them.

I’ll be the first to warn you that chapter 9 has two explicit limes, and the first is borderline-consensual. What do I mean by “borderline”? I mean Labriella is unsettled by the setting, the position she’s in (literally), and the new fear factor introduced at the end of last chapter (which Rome has done nothing to help), so she’s not so inclined to give in to a lime. But that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t like what’s happening. So let’s just say, if you cry “rape,” then I haven’t done my job. But I’ve been really careful about my portrayal, so hopefully you’ll see it as it’s intended. If not, tell me please.


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