Spontaneous Plotting

This is going to sound weird, but…I hate plotting. In fact, I can only plot when that is not what I set out to do. Today, for instance. Here I am, copying a typed bit of my manuscript into my notebook to get a different look at it, trying to pick up momentum for my next scene while entertaining ideas of how to revamp the beginning of the series. And what comes out of my head? An entire new plot sequence that has me dashing for my Idea Notebook. Tell me how that makes any sense.

Something I read in one of the writing books I bought recently said something about having fewer minor characters to perform more of the tasks. I think the idea was to make the cast as small as possible, so that readers would not have so difficult a time remembering all the characters’ names and functions. Somehow, after letting it sit on the backburner of my mind, I got out of that that I should consolidate scenes and settings, so that the pace of the story will move quicker. I also started trying to connect minor characters to each other more, rather than just connecting each one individually to the main characters.

So this is what I spontaneously came up with:


Labriella is kidnapped by lowlifes and sold or brought to appease a nobleman. The nobleman intends to use her for the contest. Kit goes to find Rome (who Labriella told her stories about) when Labriella goes missing, suspecting that Labriella has been taken. But by the time Rome rescues and claims her, the temple already considers Labriella a runaway and is out looking for her and a missing temple maiden whom she is believed to have helped escape. Rome’s interference puts him on the nobles’ radar and the top of their “suspicious interest” list, and he starts getting invitations to parties as a way to vet him and assess his usability. Meanwhile, Labriella is reeling from the news that her new master is actually her transformed childhood friend.

Would you believe I came up with all that in 10-20 minutes? Oh the power of procrastinating distractions.

What do you think? PLEASE tell me if it’s cliché. I like to twist things.
What do my current readers think? Do you like the current story progression better? Or would you rather have a faster pace in volume 1?

See “Revision #2” under “Series Info” for more a more practical overview of what it would look like.

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