Chapter 10 Posted!

It’s beauty! It’s a beast! It’s…chapter 10 crash-landing onto FictionPress!

Just thought I’d find a new way to say I just posted a chapter. 😉

I’m sorry I’ve taken so long to post the next chapter—and it’s not even as epically long as you might have expected! Maybe I was being careful; that’s certainly a delay pitfall of mine. Of course, I was also rewriting chapter 1 (formerly known as chapter 4) at the same time. And drawing up story-related outlines and charts. And maintaining this blog. And then there was Christmas…


I was holding onto this chapter, because I wanted to lengthen it to my regular chapter length (for consistency’s sake). But then I realized that it might be better to keep the themes of this chapter separate. Next chapter, Labriella has to go head-to-head with the prostitute to prepare for the first of her many crucibles. But this chapter is more…emo.

Chapter 10 deals with the aftermath of the second lime in the previous chapter. Chapter 9 closed in Labriella’s perspective, with her convincing Rome to sleep in a bed next to her. By contrast, chapter 10 opens with Rome’s perspective of the night before…and with his assessments of his current predicament. I mean, didn’t you wonder how Rome was coping with his own physical urges while he addressing Labriella’s?

But that’s not all that’s in chapter 10; that’s merely the beginning. Rome asks a tried-and-true source about the invitation he won from Lord Alonza in the kissing contest, and is disturbed by her premonition. He is more than reluctant to allow Labriella to accompany him in light of the nature of the party to come, but it has been reinforced that both of their presences are required. Will he be able to keep Labriella away? If not, what is the next move?

I posted the chapter under the title “I See You,” purely for lack of a better title. It should help with inter-chapter navigation and keeping track of story events, but I hope in the future to come up with a better title. For now, it will remain unnamed within the actual chapter.

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