Party Day 3: Two Can Play This Game

Thanks to my lovely readers’ input, chapter 13 is now officially complete and posted! I’ve named it “Two Can Play,” as in the saying, “two people can play this game.”

Rome begins to realize what it means for Labriella to be the party’s “special selection” showcase when Lord Alonza orders Bre to give every noble in the room a sample of what it’s like to kiss her. Just when Rome can’t take watching anymore, one of the nobles takes pity on Rome and lends him one his extra escorts. Rome has no desire to take him up on his offer. But with Alonza flaunting his control over Bre, and the lent escort’s master watching her like a hawk, more than one fate is at stake.

When Lord Alonza baits Labriella into looking up, all Bre sees is Rome’s passionate lip-lock. Is she so easily replaced? If she’s not careful, performing her Alonza-ordained duties might push the man she truly cares for away from her for good. Her only chance to win back his attention is during the talent show…and she never mastered that part of her training. Can she piece together an alluring performance without failing like a total klutz?

The next two chapters will be epic. Don’t miss them!

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