Watch Your Step! WAFF and a Doosey

It’s about that time now when I expect that my dear readers are poking around my blog and around FictionPress, looking for a new chapter. Because I have posted the last couple chapters at 2- to 2.5-week intervals.

The good news is I’m sitting on about a chapter’s worth of handwritten text. The bad news (for your immediate gratification) is I was free-writing, which means my notebook is a mess. I didn’t stop to plug holes; I just kept writing. There are scenes to consolidate, and at least one transition to add limeyness to. And, I’m suspecting, there’s one scene I’m going to go back to and make a whole lot of limade. Which means I’ll probably have to bump the scene I’m currently writing to next chapter. (Don’t worry; you’re not getting any less limes out of that. I couldn’t stand to ditch the scene I’m on the brink of orchestrating.)

That’s all just logistics, though, as far as I’m concerned. I only have one actual dilemma: whether or not you get a lemon. I told Ney13 I wouldn’t. I said at the beginning of the volume (before I edited out the globs of foreshadowing) that the first lemon would happen in the snow. I’m now reconsidering both of those plans, because of what’s coming up with the temple.

That’s one of the dangers of writing “by the seat of my pants” with a vague goal in mind. I love the creative freedom it gives me, to let the characters take on a life of their own, and it automatically surprises the reader with twists and turns because even I don’t know when I’ll write them. But it also has the potential to frustrate the heck out of my dear readers, who have to bear with my writing process in order to hear the rest of the story.

I’m hoping you’ll bear with me now.

lightbulb-idea2OH MY GOSH, IDEA MOMENT!!!
(That is the sound of a lightbulb clicking on.)

And by “idea moment,” I mean re-insertion of plot into limeyness, and reintegration of two minor characters.

Yes, my mind works that randomly.

Back to re-orchestrating chapter 15’s lime! Because chapter 16 is gonna be a doosey. 😉

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