Little Bits Everywhere

I feel like little bits of me are spread everywhere at once. I’ve been training at a new job for the past couple weeks, and the influx of diverse information has had my head reeling and troubleshooting and scrambling to catch up even in my off-hours. I come home in Go Mode, but within half an hour I’m flopping around like a dying fish. Normally I go to one particular place to write, but when I get home from my new job the last thing I want to do is leave home again. It has made submerging into a writing mentality very difficult.

On the flip side, I believe that some of the things I am learning at my new job will prove helpful when I finally market my story. For instance, “trade cloth” and “trade cover.” Who knew there were so many words for “hardcover,” or that every paperback format has its own name and durability factor?

I haven’t been reading much fiction, either. A few pages here and there, maybe, but no immersion. However, I just picked up a copy of Cruel Beauty, a Young Adult novel by Rosamund Hodge, which I am excited to add to the Beauty and the Beast section of my personal library. I’m hoping it’ll get me back into my ravenous speed-reading habits. After all, they say a writer should always be reading (and by that, I’m pretty sure they don’t mean reading handbooks, policies, printouts, and product specs). Because of the positive feedback I have received about the reviews I posted here, I do plan to review this book after I finish it. Hopefully this and any future reviews will help other niche readers like me find the kinds of books they’re looking for.

I subscribed to a workshop for last week—Starting Your Story in the Right Place, taught by Kristan Higgins, offered through RWA University—but I was unable to keep up with it through the job training frenzy. I ended up just saving the lecture documents; I still haven’t had a chance to leaf through any of them yet, except Day 1. Very unlike me, since I’m always an active participant, eager to learn. But this time life got too crazy.

I’m wavering right now between cracking open my new book (which I will probably devour within a day or two) and working on my story. Reading could help me get back into a better story mindset. But the amount of time that has elapsed since my last chapter update is quite alarming.

I did manage to work on chapter 15 one or two days in the last week. It’s been slow going, not only because of starting a new job, but because I clearly underestimated the amount of work it would take to meld three semi-complete versions of a scene into one. Mostly, I underestimated how much of a problem it would be to choose between one or two settings. I wrote way more sensory detail pertaining to the settings than I initially gave myself credit for. Marble versus wood, standing versus bending, public versus private, an echoey corridor versus an enclosed room (acoustics)…What happened in the ballroom, versus the hallways, versus the bedroom… Yeah, it’s an editing mess. And emotionally for the characters, it’s even more complicated. There have to be so many layers on these scenes. Memories, secrets. Fear and pain mixed with hope and desire. A reckoning/mini-resolution of some kind.

So, more work ahead.

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